EduMarket Game: Technocity Julian Alvarez, Olivier Rampnoux, Jean-Pierre Jessel - 2006


Support : Publications
Auteur(s) : Julian Alvarez, Olivier Rampnoux, Jean-Pierre Jessel
Editeur : Actes du colloque "Narrative AI and Games symposium (AISB 2006)", Bristol, Royaume-Uni
Date : 2006
Langue : Langue


The objective of this paper is to restore the process of development and installation of a project called "Technocity" which aims to develop technology courses of French State Education among the young people from 15 to 18 years old. We develop a gameplay to build a new school guidance tools. We choose to create a dynamic approach with video game and shortly report on different technical job. After, we explore the impact and the reception of this tool in different classrooms by childrens.

Mots-clés : Serious Game, Advertaising tools, Advertainment, Education, Innovation, Marketing, Reception, School guidance