Serious Games as tool of communication Julian Alvarez, Olivier Rampnoux, Jean-Pierre Jessel - 2007


Support : Conférences
Auteur(s) : Julian Alvarez, Olivier Rampnoux, Jean-Pierre Jessel
Editeur : Heriot-Watt University, Ecosse, 2 février
Date : 2007
Langue : Langue


Title: Discussion about Virtual StoryTelling (Behavioural Simulation) and Serious Games (Female Gaming)



Date: 2nd February 2007

Room: EMG.44

Time: 14.25pm

Speaker: Prof. Jean-Pierre Jessel





Professor Jessel will discuss Virtual storytelling from the perspectives of behavioural simulations, VR and scenario development. Olivier Rampnoux and Julian Alvarez will the discuss the issues and challenges on how to take into account the female public within serious games?


They will report an Active Learning experience about students whom had to create a video game dedicated to girls. In this experience each group have a girl as leader, and she had to manage five boys. The idea was to create a discussion about both boys and girls relationships with video game and then to try to make a scenario.


Then the students had to present their works to others girls and to note their remarks and points of view.


They will then make the parallel with the Serious Games as the goal of these products is to transmit a message, or to learn, with the base of a video game. Thus, they will wonder about the way a gamedesigner or a mediator (teacher, organizer...) could construct his product to take into account the female public.

Question(s) you wish to raise for the debate :

How a gamedesigner maybe could construct his product or a mediator (teacher, organizer...) use a Serious Game to take into account the female public ?

Reflection and opinion on the question :


Maybe to use Serious Game without implemented objectives.

Maybe to make Serious Game more communicative.

Maybe to take into account the aesthetic impact.

Maybe to explore what are the added values of the Active Learning which attract the female public and to see if it is possible to implement those ingredients in Serious Games.

Mots-clés : serious game, pédagogie