From "Mods" to "Gaming 2.0": an overview of tools to ease the game design process Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel - 2010


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Auteur(s) : Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel
Editeur : Actes du colloque "Games: Design & Research Conference", Volda, Norvège
Date : 2010
Langue : Langue


This article focuses on tools that allow amateurs to create or modify videogames. In order to contribute to study the nature of game design, we will analyze games as crafted "artifacts". We will first review five categories of tools that allow creating games, in order to highlight the different "parts" games are made of. We will then use this empirical review to introduce a simple model of the inner structure of games: the ISICO model.

Mots-clés : game design, tools, mods, game creation toolkits, gaming 2.0