Game-based Learning for Systems Engineering Concepts Adam M. Ross, Matthew E. Fitzgerald, Donna H. Rhodes - 2014


Support : Références scientifiques
Auteur(s) : Adam M. Ross, Matthew E. Fitzgerald, Donna H. Rhodes
Editeur : ScienceDirect / Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER 2014)
Date : 2014
Langue : Langue


Game-based learning has the potential to improve the education and performance of engineers and decision makers in the systems engineering field. This paper reviews the arguments for the use of educational gaming, with particular attention to the aspects of game-based learning that are well suited to tackling the complex sociotechnical systems engineering problems that currently are trusted only to experts with years of experience. It also describes the development of an educational game, Space Tug Skirmish, designed to be used as a teaching and research tool for systems engineering core concepts.


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Djaouti D, Alvarez J, Jessel JP, and Rampnoux O. “Origins of Serious Games.” [online]: (accessed 14/11/2013); 2011. 

Mots-clés : systems engineering education, systems thinking, educational games, game-based learning