Psychological variables mediated by the serious game in the professional insertion and training Mariama Lobsang Ndao, Daniel Gilibert, Jérôme Dinet - 2017


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Author(s) : Mariama Lobsang Ndao, Daniel Gilibert, Jérôme Dinet
Editor : Revue internationale de psychosociologie et de gestion des comportements organisationnels 2017/1 (Vol. XXIII)
Date : 2017
Lang : Lang


This article presents a state of the art on the link between serious games and psychological variables and their influence on social outcome. Thus, it puts into perspective different research on games and their evolution in the work world, analyzes their impact on job seekers’s learning and behavior, before highlighting the serious game catalytic effects in professional insertion and training. The research perspectives induced by this article are the job search’s gamification and the introduction of a new concept " psycho- socio-professional " in counseling.


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Keywords : Serious game, Insertion, Dispositional variables, Counseling