When digital technology storms the castle: serious games as a tool reflexion on heritage Catherine Bouko - 2015


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Catherine Bouko
Editor : Études de communication 2015/2 (n° 45)
Date : 2015
Lang : Lang


‪In this article, we examine the way in which fourteen heritage sites use serious games as a tool for cultural education. Our three-step analysis model (input, process and outcome) addresses the types of content offered, the characteristics of the games and their cognitive, emotional and communicative aims.‪ 
References (1):
Alvarez J., Djaouti D. et Rampnoux O. (2011), Typologie des serious games, in Rufat S., Ter Minassian H. (dir.), Les Jeux vidéo comme objet de recherche, Paris, Questions Théoriques, p. 46-65. 

Keywords : Cultural heritage, Serious Game, Cultural education