Craftyy: an online tool geared towards collaborative game design Damien Djaouti | 09-16-2012 | 16:44

Craftyy is a tool designed to ease the creation of videogames without requiring any kind of technical skills. Paired with an online sharing platform, it's designed to foster collaborative game design. Any game created with it is place under a Creative Commons licence (BY-NC). Hence, anyone can pick any of the game hosted on the platform, and easily create its own "remix", then share it again to the plaform.



Still under construction, Craftyy needs you to continue. If you are interested in the project, do not hesitate to show support to the developers through their Kickstarter campaign. You can also try the beta version, to see how great it is!


If it's not the first tooldesigned around the idea of collaborative game design (we can for example think about The Sims Carnival, Sharendipity, Craftstudio and GameBrix), most of these tools are now dead because they were lacking a solid economical model. The only exception is CraftStudio, who also relied on Kickstarter. But, after all, isn't it logical that collaborative funding can help collaborative game design tools to live?

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Book chapter: Classifying Serious Games with The G/P/S Model Ludoscience | 07-12-2012 | 15:11

We just uploaded in the list of our publications a book chapter related to the classification of Serious Games. This chapter presents the classification system used on the site to classify more than 2600 Serious Games. It was published last year in a book titled Handbook of Research on Improving Learning and Motivation through Educational Games: Multidisciplinary Approaches, and it's now freely available on our website (draft version).
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Introducing the European Serious Games Awards! Ludoscience | 06-07-2012 | 17:58

The European Serious Games Awards aim to celebrate the best videogames for learning created in Europe. We will rely on scientific evaluation of the submitted games in order to award prizes not only to the best Serious Games, but also to the best academic works in the field. The Awards Ceremony will take place during the VS-Games 2012 Conference in Genoa, Italy, on October 30th 2012.



Each winner of one the 4 European Serious Games Awards will be rewarded by the following cash prizes:

Best Educational Game Awards

Awards for the Serious Games:
- Best Learning Game Award (1st place): 1000€
- Best Learning Game Award (2nd place): 500€

Best Game Evaluation Award

Award for the evaluation of Serious Games:
- Best Learning Game Evaluation: 500€


Best Student Paper Award

Award for the academic students:
- Best Student Academic Paper: 500€

Each winner will also get a free entrance to the VS-Games 2012 Conference , where the Awards ceremony will take place. We will offer one conference registration (worth about 400€) for each award winner who will attend to the Awards ceremony (travel and accommodation costs remaining at the charge of the winners).


To submit a Serious Game:
- Your game must have been created by and/or funded by an organization within Europe (private company, school or university, NGO...)
- Your game is available in English language.
- You agree to provide us with at least three working copies of your game (to perform the evaluations).
- Fulfil the game submission form and send it to before June 30th.

To volunteer for the scientific evaluation of Serious Games:
- The scientific evaluation of the submitted games will be performed by the members of the GALA Young Academy .
- If you wish to participate in the evaluation process of the games for the European Serious Games Awards and maybe win the "Best Learning Game Evaluation Award", you need to be a member of the Young Academy first. The young academy is open to students, researchers, teachers and professional working on Serious Games. Check the GALA Young Academy to subscribe and see how you can participate in the evaluation process.
- If you are interested, be sure to get in touch with the GALA Young Academy before June 30th. 

To submit an academic student paper:
- You are a Master or PhD Student studying in an European school or university.
- Your article is between 4 and 8 pages long.
- Your article is written in English language.
- Your article was accepted to a conference or journal (reference needed for verification - if you have been accepted to a conference that didn't take place yet or in a journal issue that is yet to be published, please send the acceptation letter).
- Only one paper can be submitted per student.
- Fulfil the student paper submission form and send it to before June 30th.

*More Information*

For further information, please check the official European Serious Games Awards website

The European Serious Games Awards are organized by GALA , an European Network of Excellence dedicated to research on Serious Games.

The Games and Learning Alliance

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JIES Paris 2012 days Julian Alvarez | 05-17-2012 | 17:23

JIES Paris


JIES Paris 2012 days approach the topic of the game in sciences education. Intended for the professionals of education, these days are centered towards the reflexion on the relationship between sciences, technology, trainings and games. Ludoscience, represented by Julian Alvarez, was invited to take part to the event May the 3rd. Thank you Traces for its invitation. We will return with pleasure to exchange again with the actors who question themselves on the  introduction of the game into classroom.



Photos :



Some links dedicated to JIES 2012 :

Program of May the 2nd

Program of May the 3rd

Café Pédagogique's Blog

Photos #1

Photos #2

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Book chapter: Origins of Serious Games Ludoscience | 04-29-2012 | 15:22

We wrote an article about the historical origins of "Serious Games", which get published by Springer in the book "Serious Games and Edutainment Applications" a few months ago. We first review the historical definitions of the "Serious Games" oxymoron. We then explore the history of videogames in search of the first "Serious Games", that actually appeared before the first entertainment videogames...


This book gathers several scientific articles dedicated to Serious Games, and can be bought online from Springer. But for those of you who only wish to read our chapter about the history of "Serious Games", a draft version of this chapter in now available on our website.

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