Technocity Julian Alvarez, Olivier Rampnoux - 2005-2006

Serious game

Technocity is a serious game released in March 2006, and freely distributed to the 600 high school and college located in the region around Toulouse City (South-West in France).

The purpose of this edumarket game is to promote courses related to industrial and technical jobs towards a 15 to 18 years old audience. This title was created for the french ministry of education.



This was a first experiment for the Toulouse section of french ministry of education, who wanted to evaluate the impact of videogames to broadcast messages to young students. This experiment was also motivated by the fact that these course are facing high dropout rates and quickly decreasing enrollment.


The design challenge when creating this game was to fit messages dealing with education and technical jobs in a videogame. The key principle of Technocity is to "hide the agenda", which shows at first only the game aspect of the title. The playful side of the title is then used as a "hook" to make the user aware of the message in a second time.


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Keywords : serious game