21st Century Game Design Chris Bateman, Richard Boon - 2005

Game Design (design)

21st Century Game Design

Author(s) : Chris Bateman, Richard Boon
Editor : Charles River Media
Publication date : 08-29-2005
Language : english English

A book introducing a unique and thought-provoking approach to Game Design. Through a concept they call "Zen Game Design", the two authors emphasize over the fact that many game design methodologies exist, and that these methodologies are many because they suit different needs. The authors thus start form the "needs", and dedicate the first part of the book to a detailed analysis of the different player profiles. This analysis is based on a theoretical model called "Demographic Game Design 1 (DGD1)", built by the authors from the Myers Briggs psychological types and backed by a field study conducted over 400 players. As a result, this model defines 8 "player profiles" with very different tastes. Bateman and Boon encourage designers to take those differences in consideration when creating games.  After a captivating first part, the second half of the book gathers more traditional game design advices (game structures, interface, game genres characteristics...). But these advices are however enriched by regular connections with the player profiles presented in the first part of this passionating book.


Keywords : game design, players typology, DGD1, zen game design, psychology, methodology