Game Design: Theory & Practice Richard Rouse III - 2001

Game Design (design)

Game Design: Theory & Practice

Author(s) : Richard Rouse III
Editor : Wordware Publishing
Publication date : 02-01-2001
Language : english English

This large 500 pages book dissects the various aspects of Game Design: brainstorming for ideas, what players are seeking, artificial intelligence, storytelling, writing Game Design Document... Written by industry veteran Richard Rouse III (who designed the action-horror games The Suffering, among others), this book is full of wise and relevant advices for Game Designers, whether they are working alone as indies or in a big team. The originality of this book lies in the in-depth interviews of famous game designers (Ed Logg, Sid Meier, Chris Crawford, Will Wright, Jordan Mechner...), alongside with brilliant analysis of popular games, where the author highlights their special game design features. Among the studied games, the analysis of Centipede (1980) is all the more remarkable when we know that the book author designed its remake Centipede 3D (1998). An interesting book with a lot of content, forerunner of the 2000's Game Design books wave.


Keywords : game design, analysis, richard rouse III, centipede, sims, ed logg