Les cédéroms pour jouer ou pour apprendre ? Catherine Kellner - 2007

Serious Games

Les cédéroms pour jouer ou pour apprendre ?

Author(s) : Catherine Kellner
Editor : L'Harmattan
Publication date : 05-21-2007
Language : french French

In this book, Catherine Kellner, a researcher in communication sciences, analyses and criticizes the so-called "edutainment" products. Through real-world examples, she highlights the common flaws of these products (storytelling elements used instead of play attributes, games using texts for kids who don't know how to read yet, boring games sequences, etc.). She also offers many ways to improves them (using the discovery space embedded in every game, learning by trial-and-error, etc.). With this 150 pages book, the author successfully explains and synthesizes in a clear and easy-to-read text the results of her academical researches. A book recommended to any designer of applications mixing "play" and "learning."


Keywords : edutainment, research, analysis, critic