Fundamentals of Game Design Ernest Adams, Andrew Rollings - 2006

Game Design (design)

Fundamentals of Game Design

Author(s) : Ernest Adams, Andrew Rollings
Editor : Prentice Hall
Publication date : 09-13-2006
Language : english English

A 700 pages introductory bible to the many concepts of Game Design. This book is an updated and revised edition of "Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams on Game Design", and it's still divided in two parts. The first one is explaining the fundamental concepts of video game design: game design process, game mechanics, balancing, storytelling, characters, level design, etc. The second part of the book presents the main video game genres (action, adventure, simulation, sports, etc.) and their features, using many illustrated examples. Easy to read, this book covers a lot of topics without going into details, i.e. a book for people discovering Game Design.


Keywords : game design, introduction, genre, beginner