Créez vos nouveaux niveaux avec Duke Nukem 3D Matt Tagliaferri - 1997

Game Design (development)

Créez vos nouveaux niveaux avec Duke Nukem 3D

Author(s) : Matt Tagliaferri
Editor : Sybex
Publication date : 01-01-1997
Language : french French

This book explains in very clear way and with a lot of pictures how to use "Build", the level editing software for the game Duke Nukem 3D (3D Realms, 1996). Over 300 pages, this handbook details all the features of the tool, from basic usage (interface, adding textures, sprites, etc.) to the most complex topics (using "sectors effectors", adding new objects and enemies to the game, etc.). It also offers a wide selection of case studies (how to create sliding doors, elevators, underwater levels, trains, scripted explosions, etc.). Last but not least, the final chapters presents level design tips, to help you create entertaining levels. It's the reference handbook on the topic, easy to read, and with an extensive coverage of the level editor features.
This book is the french translation of "The Duke Nukem 3d Level Design Handbook", published in 1996.  

Keywords : level design, level editor, duke nukem 3d, modding